natural health mama

A natural approach for good health – for Mama & baby



Hi, I’m Joanna.

Mother to a beautiful 11 month old son. Wife to a very creative and soulful man. The three of us – plus two cats – live contentedly together in a remote part of Donegal, Ireland. I am 31 years old, have a degree in Ethics and am a qualified Disabilities Nurse… though for the time being I am full-time Mama (and wouldn’t wish for anything else).

Like so many other people I used to endure ill-health day after tiring day, and thought there would never be an end. Until the day I discovered the remedy… consume only what’s natural.

Food can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Learning that fact changed my life.

So here I am, after several years of educating myself and adjusting my health choices accordingly, wanting to share my tale of poor health to good health. Hoping to pass on something that will help and inspire others, particularly those with children.

If I had waited for answers and cures from the healthcare system I would still be waiting. Instead, thank goodness, I found the answers for myself. And you can too.

World, heal thyself.