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Picnic Alfresco In The Forest… In The Rain! (Donegal, Ireland) by Natural Health Mama

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Last week’s Steemit Culinary Challenge theme inspired me to have my own ‘picnic alfresco’, and despite the rain we had a wonderful time!  Since my wee man isn’t yet 2 I cook and bake all his food from scratch so I know exactly what’s going into his body.  For this picnic I made a selection of different savoury and sweet items, all made with natural organic ingredients suitable for little ‘uns:

– Mini khorasan soda farles

– Aduki falafels

– Salad skewers

– Curly potato crisps/chips

– Potato and red onion salad

– Pecan & date gingerbread men (no sugar)

– Cinnamon cookies (no sugar)

I will be sharing my recipes for these things in due course… I figured it’d make the post ridiculously long if I included all the food preparation too.  So for now I hope you enjoy viewing my picnic photos.  I live on the edge of Ards Forest in County Donegal, Ireland, and so picnics are a common occurrence for me, my husband and son Sky.  I had been hoping for a sunny day, but Donegal is a decidedly damp county and overcast drizzly grey skies are more the norm than summery days, even in summer.  Oh well!  Armed with a brolly and booted with wellies we found a good sheltered spot beneath the forest canopy, and so even though the drizzle continued we remained fairly dry 🙂  Well, until the heavens opened that is and we had to make a mad dash for home!  I got a few photos of the torrential rain, you can see at the end.  Thank goodness for umbrellas!

dscf3762dscf3728dscf1982  pict4307dscf3882dscf3757dscf3863dscf3725dscf3885dscf3792  dscf3815dscf3846  dscf3848dscf3865dscf3711dscf3720dscf3712dscf3713dscf3716dscf3722dscf3719dscf3717dscf3709dscf3734dscf4143dscf3894dscf3735dscf3738  dscf3805dscf3868  dscf3853dscf3758dscf3857dscf3721dscf3753  dscf3892dscf3744dscf3890dscf3898dscf3766dscf3764dscf3771

After a couple months of this kind of weather I think we’re due some sunshine, because when you live beside a forest you’re practically obliged to be wild, and never too old to be swinging from trees! Or maybe that’s just me 🙂

dscf2557  dscf2547


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All photos in this post are my own original, taken with my Fujifilm Finepix S8200.


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